Have you heard the latest demand from undocumented immigrants in New Jersey? Illegals and their advocacy groups are complaining that they aren’t getting any stimulus money or any help from the government during the pandemic. They’ve complained about this for quite some time. They feel they are owed it. They say because they pay at least some taxes like sales taxes, and in some cases actually pay income taxes with taxpayer ID numbers, that they are owed the same as a US citizen. And now they are launching a hunger strike to prove their point.

You heard that right. People who know they are not supposed to be in this country are trying to guilt us into complying with their demands by starving themselves.

First of all, I never understood this alleged power behind a hunger strike. If I am resolute in my position then you harming yourself really does not change that. Second, I’m not going to be guilted into anything when I’m not the guilty party here. Illegal immigrants, and there are some half million of them in New Jersey, are guilty of violating our immigration laws. They know this. And they don’t care a wit.

What you ultimately have to ask yourself here is does citizenship mean anything? And every year that we make a concession to illegal immigrants citizenship is being watered down. Which is exactly their end game. They want your citizenship to become so meaningless that you will no longer defend it. They already got their way with being allowed in state tuition for our state schools. Then they got financial assistance. They got their sanctuary state nonsense from a progressive Gov. Murphy. Those who are threatened with deportation are getting millions of dollars of tax money for free lawyers. And starting May 1 they are getting driver licenses. It’s beyond the pale.

And to their only argument that some of them, certainly not all, pay income taxes, then I say consider that their penance for having gotten away with their illegal actions for so long. Paying some or even all taxes in a system you’ve been gaming does not equate citizenship status.

Will a hunger strike work? We already have a governor who would like nothing more than to start handing out checks to illegals. Do you know who these demands and hunger strikes won’t work on? LEGAL immigrants. The backbone of our country. The very DNA of our society. The people who did everything right. Who made the sacrifice. Who took the time. Who waited in those lines. Who didn’t try to cut ahead by running across the border or disappearing when a visa ran out. We’ve talked to plenty of these good folks and they are always the most passionate about this issue. What they waited for, worked for, struggled for, illegal immigrants just came in and stole.

And to any of the undocumented that have a problem with what I’m writing, guess what pal? I am a U.S. citizen born and raised here and I don’t qualify for a stimulus check for government assistance either. And I’ve never broken a law in my life. A life during which I’ve worked hard, not only in radio but as a warehouse worker, delivery driver, factory worker, fast food worker, you name it. I’ve done all those things and more. But I’m not complaining about not receiving money because that’s how the rules were written. And I respect the law.

Maybe you should try it.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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