Many people in Philadelphia thought they'd never see an Eagles Super Bowl parade in their life times. Many haven't. That's why if you're a true Eagles fan, no matter how old you are or for how long, you MUST attend the parade!

As a Giants fan, I attended both Super Bowl parades in the Canyon of Heroes in New York and in 1987 when the city of New York refused to give them one, we had a celebration at Giants stadium with Joe Piscopo and Tiny Tim among the performers. At that point they hadn't won a championship in 30 years. The Eagles fans have waited 58!

Fuggadabout the parking, take the train. Don't worry about the millions of people that will be there, they will all be on the same page you are. You will not only be among friends, you will make new ones, along with memories that will last a lifetime. If you're thinking of putting it off until next year, think of all those former Super Bowl non-repeaters who thought they were going back next year. I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm asking why take the chance?

So here you are, everything you need to know to attend the Eagles Super Bowl parade. There's no excuse. One more thing. Have a great time! After all these years, you deserve it!

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