No law enforcement job is easy. In recent years, we've seen the rise of media talking heads doing everything possible to tear down LEOs by painting criminals as victims and cops as the real villains. I've made it a personal mission to fight this false and dangerous narrative for the past 4+ years by honoring New Jersey cops with #BlueFriday.

Now, it's our federal law enforcement heroes who need support. ICE is tasked by Congress to enforce our immigration laws. That means physically apprehending people who are in our nation and should not be.

Before radical and irresponsible politicians like Gurbir Grewal put up dangerous roadblocks in an attempt to thwart the legal actions of ICE, the job was slightly less dangerous. Most apprehensions were made after suspects were arrested by local authorities for other crimes and then handed over to ICE instead of turning them loose on the public. But now, ICE is prevented from conducting jail interviews or even being informed when dangerous suspects are going to be released. This means that those suspects, most of whom are are already convicted of crimes or have pending criminal charges including rape, murder, robbery, domestic violence and other violent offenses, have to be arrested on the streets.

As the head of Fugitive Operations, Kenneth Genalo, explained to me during my ride-along last week, the Immigration and Naturalization Act provides for administrative warrants and not judicial warrants. Because Fourth Amendment protections prevent "unreasonable search and seizure," agents wait until a perp leaves the house before they can move in. Not knowing if the guy will be armed and dangerous, this requires a massive amount of resources: cars, agents and time.

On one bust last week, we sat in the car for nearly two hours before the target emerged. I asked about obtaining judicial warrants and Ken explained to me that the process makes it nearly impossible. A federal judge would need to be involved and these violators move around so it's not like they all have an address where you know they'll be. That, plus the huge amount of targets, you'd need a bank of full-time judges just to handle immigration warrants. And that's why the lawmakers provided for administrative warrants.

Problem gets worse though. With only about 200 ICE agents to cover New Jersey with a reported number of nearly 500,000 illegals, the task is daunting to say the least. ICE for their part, prioritizes.

They target convicted criminals who pose a danger to the community. Completely opposite of the false narrative pushed by propagandists in the media and politics. They do not target the poor mom who barely escaped a horror show with her young kids from some despot in Central America. Nope. They want the MS-13 gang member who is running narcotic and guns and has already escaped justice. They want the fugitive who was legally deported only to illegally return to the US. They want the guy who beats up his wife, abuses his kids and preys on the weakest in the community. They want to keep you safe from having to deal with violent criminals who are being released on a regular basis in New Jersey as a direct result of Gurbir Grewal's sanctuary state policy.

Even at the processing center following the arrests, a very different picture appeared and contradicted the current narrative. Suspects were treated humanely and with dignity. Afforded the opportunity to use their cell phones to communicate with families and or attorneys. It sickens me that Gurbir Grewal would push the narrative that ICE agents are the enemy. The real enemy of the people is the man who would prevent the most basic function of law enforcement, communication between departments, to ensure public safety.

This was literally one of the biggest takeaways from 9/11. Communication between agencies in order to prevent terrorist and violent gang members from slipping through the cracks ending up on the same block where you walk your kids to school. Grewal is acting in a reckless, lawless and dangerous manner. He has become a threat to public safety as his policy prevents ICE from arresting some of the most violent criminals in our state.

To make matters worse, Governor Murphy, Steve Sweeney and Grewal are applauding the move to give NJ driver's licenses to illegal aliens. That means, a staffer at the MVC has to suddenly become and expert in foreign documentation in order to prevent a fraudulent document being used to obtain a legitimate United States ID. How is that going to happen? Nothing against the workers at MVC, but seriously?

This job is a hard one for the experts. And guess who the experts are in identifying fraudulent foreign credentials? Right, ICE.

We have a multifaceted problem. Convicted criminals released into the communities with limited resources from ICE to catch all of them, legal documents being given to law breakers making it easier for them to blend in and avoid being caught, plus a complicit media which provides cover for the treasonous actions of people like Gurbir Grewal.

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Hoping that the US Attorney will take a long look at the actions of NJ's AG and hold him legally accountable. In the meantime, you have to vote in 2021. Anyone who will commit to sacking Grewal and appointing an AG who will work closely with ICE to make sure our communities are safe should be embraced. This is the number one public safety issue facing us right now.

Quick update to the targeted enforcement operations from last week: 218 targets with 115 offender brought in to custody. 84% of the targets arrested were convicted or have pending criminal charges for crimes including murder, rape, robbery, child abuse, sexual abuse of a minor, narcotics, arson and domestic violence. Not the kind of people that should be walking free. Certainly not the kind of people who should receive protection from the top law enforcement guy in the state. The other 16% were fugitives who had been deported and then reentered the country illegally.

Given the facts and evidence raises the question of whose side is Gurbir Grewal fighting for cuz it sure as hell isn't our side. #FightBack #SackGrewal #SpeakForAmerica

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