In light of the Parkland Florida shooting, once again the gun debate in this country rears its ugly head. And political terrorism, which has become so common in the age of social media (think the #MeToo Movement) is forcing some big companies to make some big decisions.

Like Chick-fil-A with the LGBTQ crew, Target with the transgender bathroom lobby and Lord & Taylor with the Anti-Ivanka-ites, FedEx is now in the crosshairs. And it’s all Because of its association with the NRA.

While more than a dozen US businesses have ended their partnerships with the National Rifle Association, FedEx has decided to stay right where they are. In a statement released yesterday, FedEx expressed their unequivocal Opposition to assault weapons in the hands of civilians as well as their support of urgent action to protect schools. Still, they are not going to dump the NRA.

Obviously, nobody wants to be in bed with the NRA right now. It’s just not good for the “optics” of any company. But kudos to FedEx for having the you-know-whats to stay right where they are and not allow themselves to be bullied into ending their association with whomever they choose to be associated with.

Most notably, they’re not even taking a stance on the gun issue per se; not leaning more toward either the gun control loudmouths or the first amendment loudmouths. They extol the virtues of both ideas: the right to bear arms as well as the restriction of assault weapons and large capacity magazines to the military, implying that the two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

But the crux of their decision is that THEY will choose which corporate associations they will have and which they won’t. This is America after all.

As we are all aware, it’s not about whether or not you agree with an issue anymore, it’s whether you allow yourself to be bullied into a position by a public who demands blood.
So whether you love guns or you hate them, give credit to FedEx for sticking to its guns (pun intended).

I salute them for that, because you know what’s even scarier than assault weapons? An angry, muckraking, bloodthirsty public who demands that you sacrifice your business and your principles to capitulate to its cause du jour.

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