You know one sports record I really admired? Eli Manning's second-longest consecutive starts. That all ended on December 3, 2017 when they started Geno Smith. What I do isn't remotely similar to what Eli Manning does. My point is, I hate missing work.

This past year, I've really been hating it. My home has turned into a petri dish of sorts. As any young parent of toddlers knows, when you first put your kid in pre-school or daycare, the germs are brought home with more frequency than silly art projects or Pajama Day notices. Our son Atticus who has autism is going to an ABA therapy center which amounts to pre-school for kids on the spectrum. Our son Cooper who is turning 2 next month is going to a daycare/pre-school setting 2 mornings a week just for the social aspect.

That apparently means germs. Lots of them. On Monday's show in the final 6 o'clock hour I began feeling funny. Kind of just out of focus. Driving home my stomach felt kind of tight. By 9pm I was feeling nauseous. By 10pm, it started. I'll just leave it at "it." Because we all know the two major gross symptoms when it comes to a stomach flu. So I'll spare you. But let's just say all day Tuesday I couldn't keep anything down, not even Pedialyte or Gatorade. By Tuesday evening I was finally able to have some broth and a Gatorade. Along with this I was so dizzy I could barely walk a straight line. Wicked chills. Headache (but that could be from dehydration). Shaking intermittently. Burning eyes and a low-grade fever.

Wouldn't you know my 2 year old woke up with it Tuesday as well. Nothing better than having a stomach flu and having to take care of a toddler who also has it. Then my 12 year old daughter came home from school not feeling well and turns out she had a 102.2 fever and was wracked with chills.

I hope these pre-school months have some immunity start to kick in for these little guys soon because I'm really sick of being sick. It seems like something spreads through this whole household every two months. I feel awful about missing a show. Trust me, I'd rather be working than dealing with this.

This is my second full day of it but I think I'm turning a corner so Thursday I will be back. In the meantime whoever owns stock in Reckitt Benckiser the parent company of Lysol should be making a fortune off the Deminskis. Okay, enough complaining. I'll be back on-air Thursday complaining about other things.

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