Seriously, what have you done when you're at an event or see someone in passing at the grocery store, that you absolutely know, but can't remember their name? Easy, "Hey buddy...chief...boss...dude...hey you!" all work in a pinch.

For me, I usually avoid the person long enough to text my wife, Jodi, who remembers literally everything and then go in as if nothing happened. I've texted her from across the room and even sometimes sitting at a table. Typically, since she knows I can't remember names, she leads with, "Hey (INSERT NAME HERE) so nice to see you, you remember Bill." Of course, I always say, "c'mon of course I remember (INSERT NAME HERE)."

Everybody has a plan and I think people always know when you really don't know their name. So maybe it would just be better to say, "What's your name again?"

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