I was on Facebook Wednesday morning. I saw a post about Thursday being National Margarita Day. These National Days have gotten so out of hand that I was curious to see if this one was even real. It sure is. In looking that up I also found out tomorrow is National California Day, a day set aside for the world to recognize California. Oooookayyyy. Then I thought, what if we had a National New Jersey Day? Turns out we do.

July 27th was designated National New Jersey Day, a day to recognize the third state to join the Union. Giovanni Da Verrazzano blah blah blah Delaware Indians blah blah blah 1660 colonists Bill of Rights Menlo Park blah blah blah. Then it got to the part about how to observe it.

All it says is join National Day Calendar in recognizing this unique and captivating state and use #NationalNewJerseyDay to share on social media.

That's it?

We thought our listeners could come up with better ways to observe National New Jersey Day than that. We weren't wrong.  Here are some thoughts.

Mike called to suggest a diner tour where you'd get a different Jersey dish at each place. Stop one, pork roll egg and cheese. Stop two, disco fries. Etcetera.

Eric says the day should be celebrated by refusing to use your turn signal..

Sue would celebrate National New Jersey Day by getting into a traffic circle and driving around it for the remainder of the day.

Heather's idea is to sell mittens with the Jersey Day logo and a hole cut out only for the middle finger.

Carl, a transplant from Iowa who was probably not up to our level of Jersey sarcasm, said you should get a Reuben and visit a beautiful place like the Pine Barrens.

I had a few ideas of how to celebrate New Jersey. Start with finding the largest pothole and then having a ritual sacrifice where you throw all four tires into its depths. Then drive through Trenton past the NJ State House and throw cash out the window. Finally go to a toll booth on the NJ Turnpike and sign over your paycheck.

Perhaps listener Russ had the best idea. How to observe a National New Jersey Day? Russ say, "Ay, just fuggetaboutit."

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