Safe Kids Worldwide has launched a campaign to educate parents about the proper way to fasten child safety seats for older kids whose seats face forward.

Safe Kids Worldwide Child Passenger Safety Expert Lorrie Walker says parents and caregivers have to change the seat arrangement.

"Those forward-facing seats are designed for kids over the age of 2," she says.

Walker says if a safety seat's top tether is not properly secured, the child can be pitched forward, causing serious injury.

"What we found is that parents are often are not attaching tether. It makes a big difference."

And she says that top tether can be fastened in a variety of ways depending on the vehicle.

"The best way to find where these anchors are in your car is to check your owner's manual. If you do not have access to the owner's manual, look around on either the back shelf package or look on the back of the vehicle's seat."



Walker says they break it all down at

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