Had a great call today from a young woman wanting to wish her mom a Happy Birthday! Although it would've been rude to ask her age, she offered — her mom turned 100 years old. Wow, Think about the changes in the world since 1920.

When caller Karen's mom Catherine was born:

  • Woodrow Wilson, the only NJ Governor to become President, was ending his second term in the White House.
  • The Model T Ford was the most popular car.
  • The first radio station in the US was licensed KDKA out of Pittsburgh.

Can you imagine what the world will be like in another one hundred years? Of course we can't know, but I'm pretty sure they will look back at some of the stupid things we do and have a good laugh: banning plastic bags to save the planet, letting seven year old kids choose their gender, releasing dangerous criminals from custody and firing people for making jokes will likely be among the head scratchers at the water cooler in 2120.

That said, Happy Birthday to Catherine on celebrating her 100th!

According to her daughter, she's full of life, has a full head of hair and hasn't lost her wit. She credits Lecithin Granules. Wondering how many of us Googled that gem after hearing the conversation...yup, guilty. But I'm gonna stick with my favorite super-food, Gin.

Cheers for a long, healthy and happy life!

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