With spring getting close, the American Academy of Pediatrics has revised its water safety recommendations for children, especially the very young.

Jennifer Casper, owner of Goldfish Swim School in Wyckoff and Closter, says new parents need to be vigilant.

"The reality is drowning is the single leading cause of injury related deaths among children ages 1 to 4. So there needs to be layers of protection for those children to have fun and be safe in the water," she said.

Dr. Sarah Denny is the lead author of the policy statement from the Academy.

"Many of these deaths occur when children are not expected to be swimming or when they have unanticipated access to water," Denny said. "Toddlers are naturally curious. That's why we must implement other strategies, such as pool fencing and door locks."

The AAP also recommends teaching all children to swim and making sure they wear life jackets near open bodies of water. The Academy also recommends that teens learn CPR and other water safety skills.

Casper says they find that kids are ready to learn to swim as young as four months old.

"Better to start rather younger so they're used to that and they enjoy the water and learn these key skills," she said.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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