While we don't know how Joaquin's going to unfold, New Jerseyans aren't strangers to major floods, hurricanes and snow storms.  Here's your peek into how my family will take this week's weird weather in stride.

In my house, it generally comes down to this pattern.

1. Stock up on the essentials. We're not just talking batteries and gasoline here. This is the time to eat like you have the metabolism of a preteen boy.

(Photo credit: Kira Buxton)
(Photo credit: Kira Buxton)

2. Have a generator hooked up to the house that will automatically turn on if the power goes out. Then bake goodies and binge-watch something as a family on Amazon TV.

(Photo credit: Kira Buxton)

3. Tune into NJ 101.5 on the RadioPup app (or a hand crank radio if the internet gets funky) for storm updates, news and entertainment.

(Photo credit: Chris Swendeman/Edit: Kira Buxton)

4. Have skilled loggers in the family to clear the driveway, the neighbors' driveways, and the roads. Use the lumber to stock up on firewood for winter.

(Photo credit: Kira Buxton) Freeing a neighbor's driveway after Hurricane Sandy.
(Photo credit: Kira Buxton)

5. Always make the best of every situation.

(Photo credit: Kira Buxton) Snowman made after Hurricane Irene, October 2012.
(Photo credit: Laura Buxton) My aunt and uncle's house during the 2006 Delaware River flood.

Not pictured: My dad and uncle riding snowmobiles through the floodwaters above. (If you think we're crazy, just wait 'till you see what we do in the winter.)

How does your family handle big storms? Share your stories by tweeting @nj1015 or commenting below. We'd love to hear from you.

Kira Buxton is producer of The Jim Gearhart Show and a professional photographer-videographer. You can reach her at kira.buxton@townsquaremedia.com.