Whether it was one Muslim celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers or a thousand, Trump seems to have struck a nerve with the American public once again.

The controversial presidential candidate said over the weekend that Muslims in Jersey City cheered when the 2001 World Trade Center attacks took place. Since video footage of this celebration has yet to be found, we thought we'd ask you whether you remember seeing this happen firsthand or through the media.

"I saw it on TV, but there weren't thousands of people- probably hundreds," said Eric, a caller in Stockton. "There were women in pink and blue dresses crying and rejoicing with their kids. I will never forget that in my life." According to Eric, one of these women told a news reporter that she was celebrating the death of people in the attacks, and she was in the country on an academic scholarship.

A caller named John, however, said he also witnessed firsthand "rants and raves and happiness" from Muslims.

Susan in Middlesex County said she worked at Dickinson High School in Jersey City where there was a high Muslim population in the area. According to her, people were leaning out windows and cheering.

A statement by Len, a caller who identified himself as the councilman of a small North Jersey town, disputed claims that Muslims were dancing and cheering in the streets of Patterson.

"I saw the second plane go through the second tower," said Stuart, who has a business in Jersey City. However, he said he did not see any Muslims celebrating.

I remember horrific stories, not celebrations on U.S. soil. So I wonder whether Donald Trump is just capitalizing on emotion like he's done in the past in order to leverage his stance on the Syrian refugee debate.

What do you think? Did you see celebrations in New Jersey on September 11?

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