Every try an oyster? Don't worry you aren't alone. Comedian Jay Black was with you until recently.

Had dinner with Comedian Jay Black and his wife over the weekend.  As you know Jodi and I are foodies and will try just about any type of food available.  For both of us, oysters don't seem like a 'strange food', just something you have from the raw bar to get your meal started.

Not the case for Jay.  Actually, he'd never tried an oyster, and you can tell he wasn't overly excited to change that when the first course arrived.  My friend Anthony Momo is one of the owners at one of our favorite local places, Mediterra.  He was more than happy to help Jay experience one of nature's finest offerings.

Jodi coached Jay through the experience and I'm happy to report, he went back for seconds.  He did ask though, who was the first person to open up the ugliest of shells to uncover a grey slimy blob, and then eat it?!?

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