One of the most coveted tickets any horror fan is a tour ticket to the camp grounds where the classic Friday the 13th was filmed. The 1980 movie was shot at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick Township, New Jersey. It's a boy scout camp, and not just anybody can go there. Once in awhile they offer a tour, and that time is near.

There will be a Friday the 13th in April, and in addition to being able to score tickets to three regular tours they are offering a very special VIP experience where you can spend an overnight at the same camp grounds where Jason Vorhees slashed from behind his hockey mask.

In the past, these events sold out quickly and people have traveled great distances just for this experience. What they're doing for April's Friday the 13th is a lottery for the regular tour tickets, but an auction for the VIP overnight stay. Be prepared for the bidding to be quite high, but if you're interested in trying the website is The auction ends at 11:59pm on February 27th, so hurry...if you dare.

The lottery for the regular tour tickets can be found at

Here's a montage of kill scenes from this classic slasher film.

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