I am in the "President's Club" at work, which is a committee of employees from various departments whose job it is to boost the morale of the station. With the economy growing and people being more selective about jobs, the perks like nap rooms and a gym can be a competitive edge. The real perk comes with how you truly feel about your job and are you getting everything you want out of it. That's what makes the free food in the comfy chair taste better.

As an employee, you should be made to feel by your superiors that you're both needed and appreciated. You should be given everything you need to do your job. Support is always a good thing too. You have a responsibility to earn that.

You may also have set personal goals for yourself but you can't let the fact that you may not be meeting them bring you down. It's not the company's responsibility to give you what you want, their's is to hire you for what they need. Remember how happy you were when you got the job. The job hasn't changed, you have. It may be time to have a conversation with your superior about setting goals and what you can do to achieve them. Knowing that you're on a path of improvement will do wonders for your morale.

More and more companies are promoting from within and since you already know what they're about, you have an edge. Remember as you vie for that promotion that your morale is also coming under scrutiny. People will judge you by how you act and if you're a positive influence in your new position. Another way to keep your morale up is to just focus on your job and stay out of the gossip that goes on about things that you have nothing to do with an won't affect you at all.  It's counterproductive.

Last but not least, don't become obsessed with your job. Make sure you have enough going on outside of work to keep you happy. Family, friends, a great social life, hobbies that have nothing to do with work create a great balance to at least have you come in in a better mood that hopefully will carry. Life is too short to be miserable at work.

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