Three comics go into a diner ... and never shut up except to eat.

That's what happened when Don Jamieson, Dave Hoj, and I met at the Ewing Diner after Don appeared in my show. Usually, when comics get together. the conversation segues like crazy from topic to topic. I'm guessing that's because we learn to think quickly and react from being on stage.

This conversation went from the old Wiseguy TV show to the Sopranos, to Steve Martin teaching comedy to Robin Williams. Then, as most comic conversations do, it turned to comedy and how we do it. This conversation also included a conspicuous mention of Don Jamieson's new album "Communication Breakdown," because he know how to plug!

That's all in Episode 1 of "Comics Talking Jersey," a new series from New Jersey 101.5.

Pull up a chair and join us. You can even have some fries.

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