The best part about being a radio host on a day like this is allowing our listeners to impart their particular wisdom, share their experiences in their little corner of New Jersey.

Each situation during a snowstorm is unique, and we are able to give you the facts and information but also mix it up with a little fun and the personal experiences of your fellow Jerseyans.

On the other hand, there's morning television "news." Their "SEVERE STORM ALERT" and the likes.. I could barely even watch TV today. They don't do what we do in a situation like this, apart from a couple here and there. They don't take calls and talk to real people!

For the most part, during a snowstorm, the TV news is filled with people who wait for this day their whole careers so they can feel important and give you obvious facts about the storm that your four year old could tell you.

Now without even watching, I'm gonna guess what the "captains of obviousness" are saying. How far off can I be?

  • Transportation commissioner: "There are many delays! Call ahead to your airline to find out the status of your flight."
  • Taxi driver: "It's pretty bad out there. Roads are very slippery."
  • Newscaster: "You can see the plows behind me working away! You can see the ruler here, measuring the snow two inches already."
  • Utility company: "Conditions are rough out there. 100 customers are out of power."
  • City hall: "Tree branches can get heavy and break. Stay home. Work from home."
  • Local police: "Roads can be slick and hazardous so if you don't have to go out, stay home with your families."
  • Police commissioner: "Our DPW is doing a great job. Snow coming down at a strong clip. It takes more time and distance to stop your vehicle."
  • Bus driver: "I almost spun out back on Spruce and Oak It's scary. It's scary out there."
  • State police: "We've responded to 156 accidents so far."

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