How safe do you think you are from STDs in New Jersey?

And if you had to guess, would you say we’re closer to the top or the bottom of the list when it comes to the amount of STDs we have?

Well here’s the good news. We’ve got way fewer STDs than most other states. And that’s probably because testing is so readily available here.

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Ensuring prompt screening for sexually transmitted diseases in New Jersey can play a pivotal role in early detection, safeguarding both yourself and your partners, and curbing the transmission of STDs. Particularly those who have subtle symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

While STDs pose a nationwide concern, New Jersey has a lower case rate when compared with other states, as per the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

These are statistics from 2022, the last time this data was collected, but NJ is, out of 50 states, 43rd for chlamydia, 41st for gonorrhea, 29th for primary and secondary syphilis, and 28th for congenital syphilis.

That’s pretty amazing when you think about what a densely populated state we are. We’re practically all on top of each other! It's worth noting that many STDs are treatable, and for those that aren't, management options are often available to alleviate symptoms and mitigate the risk of transmission.


For sexually active individuals, regular testing stands as the only way to know your STD status and to figure out what treatments you may need if you do test positive.

Early and appropriate treatments are necessary to prevent potentially grave health complications while at the same time, stopping further spread.

New Jersey boasts an array of STD testing facilities where individuals can seek clarification regarding STDs and undergo testing, frequently at minimal or no cost.

According to several county public health departments within the state offer complimentary or affordable testing services, alongside a comprehensive suite of sexual health amenities and educational initiatives.

Check out’s map of NJ testing centers and to get more information on STDs in NJ.

NJ towns with the highest STD rates in 2022

These towns had the highest rate of sexually transmitted infections per every 1,000 residents. The data was compiled by the state Department of Health for the year 2022, the most recent year for which statistics were available in February 2022. For some diseases, a zero appears because the state suppressed the data because it failed to meet a particular standard.

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