Modern life can present some incredible circumstances and chance meetings. Social media, dating apps, constant connectivity all around us make for meeting people anywhere that you wouldn't have just a few years ago. But a chance meeting at an airport and good old RADIO helped put two young people in touch that would have lost the chance to get together again.

My daughter was returning to Texas Sunday night after a weekend visit with the family here in New Jersey. She was flying out of Philly on Frontier, an airline she has never flown before, when she struck up a conversation with a handsome young man from Hillsborough, NJ. She found out his name was Matthew and that he went to grad school in Texas and has been working in Dallas for the last year and a half. She felt like there was a connection and he was nice.

They got on the flight, she in the front and he near the back of the plane. She tried to go to the back of the plane to exchange info, but the pilot came on to tell everyone to take their seat due to turbulence. She thought she might see him at baggage claim, but apparently he only had a carry-on bag. She texted me late that night to say that she's sorry she didn't get to talk to him more. She did a quick search on FaceBook for him (girls are really good at this) but no results.

We discussed the crazy notion of me mentioning the chance encounter on the air the next morning to see if anyone knew a Matthew from Hillsborough. who was living in Dallas, Texas. I did and his dad was listening. He called Matthew's mom. Matt's mom called in....

Who knows where this will go, maybe just another Jersey refugee in Texas to have a beer with, but you never know. All I do know is that when one of your kids is out of town and you want them to be happy and you'd like them to be closer, you'll do the nuttiest things.

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