The Giants season is over at 0-5, or is it? Do they want to spend the next 11 games sucking for Sam (Darnold) or one of the other great quarterbacks coming up in the draft or do they want to finish with a respectable record.

As much as sucking for Sam sounds great in theory and as much as I like to write "sucking for Sam" it really sucks in application. As a Giants fan who was expecting at least a playoff run, I do not want to spend the rest of the season sucking for Sam. (There I've written it again.)

So what's a team that lost its best offensive weapon to do? This is where general manager Jerry Reese comes in. If he wants to salvage his job, then it's incumbent on him to find the good players that may not be starting for other teams, or that other teams may want to unload, and bring them in here. Reese has done it before in 2013, and he should do it again now.

In 2013, the Giants started the season 0-5, which was unusual for a Tom Coughlin team, which had always started at least 6-2 since his second year in 2005. The Giants needed defensive help and Jerry Reese traded a seventh round draft choice for Pro Bowl linebacker Jon Beason from the Carolina Panthers. Beason had lost his job in Carolina and had injury problems, but when he got here he, along with safety Will Hill sparked a defense that helped the G-Men win 7 out of their remaining 11 games to finish 7-9, leaving fans with hope for next year.

Reese could also look at the example of Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, who's plan was to win now while building for the future. It's working as the birds are 5-1 with a two game lead in the division. As much as I liked writing sucking for Sam, I hate writing that, but that's the life of a Giants fan in 2017.

Roseman started the pre season watching his cornerbacks get torched, so he traded the Eagles best receiver last year Jordan Mathews to Buffalo for defensive back Ronald Darby, who's been injured but will be a major upgrade to an already good team. While the Giants are depleted at offensive line the Eagles were so loaded that they moved offensive tackles Alan Barbre to the Broncos and Matt Tobin to the Seahawks.

Reese may actually be breaking his stubbornness when it comes to the offensive line since they've been working out lineman this week. Maybe Reese could move some guys who don't want to be here like Dominique Rogers Cromartie and bring in guys who would love the chance to escape the shadow of the guy they're behind now, or the guy who the other team is moving on from for whatever reason but still has something left in the tank.

There's too much season left to suck for Sam. It goes against what the Giants ownership stands for. The Jets fans had come to accept that fate in the beginning of the season, but now that they have won three straight games you don;t hear Jets fans complaining, rather embracing their team.

When the Giants were 0-5 in 2013, Coughlin managed to keep them together and Reese got them the players they needed to salvage 7-9. Is that good? No but it;s a lot better than what might have been, sucking for Sam not withstanding. There I wrote it again.

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