There's a song in "The Sound of Music" called, "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" To bring the idea closer to home I ask, with our property taxes through the roof, more people than ever leaving the state making people our biggest export, and we're being held hostage by our governor in the name of a pandemic, "how do you solve a problem like New Jersey?"

Leaving's not the answer. There's too much here to make us want to stay. We have four seasons, the best food, the shore, mountains, close proximity to New York and Philadelphia and  cities that can hold their own with them, especially now.

Also, real New Jerseyans don't run away. We stay and fight despite the fact that the powers that be in office seem to be doing everything in their power to force us out. We're too smart for this!

So, I asked my fellow New Jerseyans, both listeners and on social media, "If you were going to try to fix New Jersey, How would you do it? Of course when I ask something like that, we're going to get some funny answers which I love, but there are also some great ideas. If you like it pass it along to someone in power. They may learn something.

Here's some of the suggestions you came up with.

HOW TO: How do we fix New Jersey?

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