Much like the fictional holiday from the 1990s hit TV show "Seinfeld," Festivus couldn't be any more Jersey if it tried. I mean, what other state would love to air their grievances to whomever they wanted?

And to do it as part of a holiday? Why not? What a great time of year to unload on those who, in our minds, ultimately deserve it.

The possibilities are endless, and it would feel so great. Of course, Festivus isn't a real holiday. Well, technically it's not, but it doesn't mean some people don't celebrate it on the designated day of December 23.

Other aspects of the made-up holiday include the feats of strength, along with the undecorated aluminum pole. Aluminum simply because of its incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

Arguing / Yelling / New Jersey

As for the feats of strength? That's when we get to pin down that one person who really deserves it. And the celebrations don't end until someone is declared a winner.

But that's just a snapshot of the holiday who might not be familiar with it. Yes, it's utterly strange, but also strangely relatable.

When it comes to New Jersey, we'll focus on the airing of grievances. The things we wish we could say to a select few over the holidays... especially to those who run the state.

It's how we feel about our fellow New Jerseyans, which sometimes isn't pretty. So let's have a little fun and look at what some of those grievances might look like.

And extra points if you do decide to truly unload on someone for Festivus on December 23.

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