It's interesting to see what people think about other states across the country. For example, what people from California might think about a state like New Jersey?

The same could also be said for us. What do we think about other states across the country?

We already have some strong opinions about our neighboring states. Do we believe they're worth the hype?

Most in The Garden State probably believe New Jersey is by far better than all three of our neighbors. Whether it's our cities and hills to the north, the shore along the Atlantic, or the pine barrens and southern charm, we have a lot to brag about here.

New Jersey thumbs up down

But so do other states, and every one of them might think that they're the best. And that's perfectly normal to think that way.

After all, you need to take pride in the place you live. This means in a way, every state across the nation has something going for it.

With that said, is it possible that some states are overly hyped? And on the flip side, are some states not promoted enough?

Before we take a closer look at New Jersey, let's first see which states landed in the top 10 of each category. Yes, The Garden State did land on the most overrated list, but the number one state shouldn't surprise you.

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A survey conducted by Home Bay asked which states you considered the most overrated states in the country. In a separate survey conducted by Home Bay, participants were asked which states they believe are the most underrated.

Interestingly, some states managed to make both lists. Here are the top 10 for each.

Gallery Credit: Mike Brant

TSM Illustration
TSM Illustration

Is New Jersey overhyped?

New Jersey might've landed as the 8th most overrated state, but at least we're not number one in this category. Let California proudly have that title.

With that said, we're still on the top 10 list. So we have to question ourselves, is New Jersey overrated?

Do we think too much about the shore region as the top destination for summer getaways? Perhaps our downtowns aren't as great as we think they are.

Or maybe, people are just turned off by our attitudes. Whatever it is, New Jersey certainly deserves a little more love than 8th most overrated in America.

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