Have you ever found yourself making a commitment you weren't able to keep? It's often a terrible feeling, especially when you end up letting others down.

And most of the time it's completely unintentional. Work, for example, can easily get in the way of you being there to pick up a friend or family member that you committed to helping out.

Or, let's say you committed yourself to helping out your neighbor with their pets. Let's say you promised your neighbor that you'd help out with letting their dog out during the day or cleaning the cat's litter box.

But one day you got pulled in a different direction and completely forgot to handle that task for your neighbor. As a result, the dog did its business in the house and the cat kicked kitty litter out of the box because it wasn't cleaned.

Those are just some examples of being committed to a task. But it doesn't always have to be something like that.

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A commitment can also be self-care. You commit that you're going to do something to help better yourself.

Perhaps you make a commitment to yourself that you're going to eat better? Or, let's say you want to exercise more to help get yourself into better shape.

Or maybe, it's a commitment that you'll get better with household chores or seeing others that you normally don't see. Any goal really that you intend to set your mind to and fulfill.

And when it comes to New Jersey, the month of January tends to be the biggest month for commitments. In fact, people from all over the world try to make those commitments in the new year as part of their resolutions.


Unfortunately, anyone who made a commitment to a New Year's resolution is destined to fail. In fact, you most likely already did, statistically speaking.

But when is it that most people tend to fail at their resolutions, and which resolutions are the most common in the first place? Let's break it all down, beginning with the resolutions themselves.

The most common one shouldn't be anything that comes as a shock. And it's one most gyms can back up simply based on membership enrollment dates.

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According to ABC News, "An estimated 12% of all new gym memberships per year occur in January, according to a study done by IHRSA." "Another study indicates that four out of every five people who join the gym in January will actually quit within five months."

So if you're one of those who signed up for the gym as part of your New Year's resolution, there's still time to make sure you don't end up as one of those four out of five do.

Being healthier and happier are also among the top resolutions most commit themselves to. Healthy eating especially falls into that category.

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As for when most people break those commitments to their resolutions? Here's a hint, it's a heck of a lot sooner than five months, which is how long most gym memberships last.

In fact, the official date is even sooner than January 31. When it comes to commitments related to resolutions, most break them by January 2.

In other words, one full day into the new year is all it takes to reverse course on those resolutions. So much for a long-term commitment.

But even if you're still going strong with yours, an estimated 80% will not stick to it. It's probably why some don't even bother with committing to change as we head into the new year.

New Year's resolutions in NJ

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