It's TOO cold! says Michelle Durham responding to my twitter @realstevetrev. Here are some of the other responses I received when I asked my social media and radio family (which I maintain is of one of the funniest families in the Garden State):

  • Scott Helmus - it is so cold even the grave diggers aren't showing off their asses!
  • Vickie Shaw - It's a field day if you're a polar bear, per Lewis Black! (I like how she gives credit where it's due.)
  • Christopher John Finocchiaro - It's so cold Nick Foles forgot how to play quarterback. (Obviously an Eagles fan)
  • Jim Dobbins -· My dog just gave me the finger when I asked her if she had to go out.
  • Michael Apple - F**kin cold! (Now THAT's Jersey!)
  • Comedian John Kensil - I had to use a hammer to bust a urinating mummer that froze to a bumper of a Septa bus. (Philly flair!)
  • Ron Cori - It's so cold the lobsters are jumping INTO the pots.
  • Russ Del Core - It's sold cold I saw an ice cube wearing a blanket
  • Paul Larkin - It’s so cold I took a leak outside and it froze before it hit the ground.
  • Comedian Gary DeLena - I'm in San Juan. The cold can bite me.
  • Steve Janetta - It's so cold I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.
  • Barry Frank - I just saw a polar bear family and penguins going into Burlington Coat Factory that's how cold it is.
  • Toniann Antonelli - "It’s so cold that when I turned on the shower, it snowed for 20 minutes."

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