Regardless of what people say sometimes, our radio station is unabashedly pro-police. As am I. And, as a result of this, I find myself trusting them and enlisting their help in the most unusual of situations sometimes. People think I’m crazy because I call the police for help in less than emergency situations but I’ve never had any policeman hesitate to help or say it wasn’t his job. (Maybe they roll their eyes behind my back, but what can you do?)

So yesterday, when I came upon two friends and a baby in a difficult situation, The first call I made was to my hometown cops, the Ocean Township police. (My husband would’ve been first but he was out of the area).

It was a beautiful day and many people decided to pretend that it was late March instead of early January by bringing the babies to Fireman’s Field in Oakhurst. I was one of those, pushing my grandson Gabe on the swings. It was a typical baby-swing with the four holes in it, but a friend of mine whom I happened to bump into there had her three-year-old in a different kind of swing. I guess it was one of those enhanced safety features where a big bar comes down over the child and then locks in at the bottom of the seat, like you might see in a roller coaster car.

Unfortunately, the lock was stuck and we couldn’t get the kid out. We struggled and pulled and pushed in every different direction and soon my friend’s adorable son became nervous and scared and started to cry realizing that he was, in fact, trapped in the swing. I really don’t like to call the cops for anything less than an emergency, but it seemed like we were out of ideas.

A couple of minutes after I placed the call to the Ocean Township Police Dept, a handsome man in blue showed up to help out three damsels in distress. Officer Trevor Dickerson reached over and pulled the lock open like a hot knife through butter. In speaking with him, we found out that not only is he a dedicated police officer but also a pretty accomplished actor and stunt man appearing in some of our favorite TV shows. And he looked the part, too: a tall drink of milk chocolate wrapped into a 6’3”, 200lb frame of muscle. We three housewives were swooning.

When I called the police, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m a new resident of the town and wasn’t sure how they would react to my strange problem. They didn’t hesitate. What a nice introduction to my new hometown cops.

Thanks so much to officer Dickerson and the the Ocean Township police department for not making me feel like an idiot for asking for their help. That’s the true meaning of “protect and serve!”

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