Your friends and relatives who left New Jersey for a better life in California may be returning for Thanksgiving.

Check out Gov. Gavin Newsom's Thanksgiving rules as tweeted out by Megan Kelly:

You would never think restrictions like this could ever happen in New Jersey, but then again, we've seen a lot this year that we never thought would happen here — like towns banning trick-or-treating.

According to Newsweek, Thanksgiving celebrations in California must be held outside with no more than three households. What if it rains? Rob Schneider asks if he can toss his aunt a slice of turkey out the window if he already is at the state's three-family limit.

If you have to use the bathroom, it must be sanitized. If they come to inspect, I'm going to have my sons use the bathroom first then let them check.

Masks in between bites are just not happening, although it could be fun to watch.

Singing will be strongly discouraged. I may agree with that, depending on who is singing. Perhaps we could add "no political talk" as well. That could go a long way in keeping a family together.

"The celebration can only last up to two hours." What time does the clock start on that? Does it start when the first or last guest arrives? Can the host get three-time outs? Perhaps it can stop for an incomplete plate?

Come to think of it, I can see hosts loving the two-hour limit, so that they can get their annoying relatives out of their house (speaking for a friend).

How we celebrate our holidays should be our business and not the government's. Next thing you know, Newsom will mandate no macaroni on the Thanksgiving table! Then you'll see people flocking to New Jersey!

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