An act of cruelty in Lakewood has led to acts of kindness towards a homeless man.

The man known only as "Ron" was the subject of a viral video showing him dumping coffee over his head in exchange for money from a group of people.

Lakewood Police said they received calls about the video, and were able to locate all of those involved. But the incident was determined not to be criminal in nature.

"Evidence in the case revealed that both parties were willing participants and no one was injured," the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Lakewood residents Ari Boyer and Jerry B took it upon themselves to help the man by giving taking him for a haircut and shopping at Walmart, according to the Lakewood Scoop. The men are also putting Ron up in a motel during the weekend so he will have a place to stay according to the news website.

“I feel like a million billion dollars … This is the best day in my life … Thank you Lakewood, New Jersey," Ron told the Scoop, which also reported Ron also got an apology and a hug from one of the boys involved in the incident.

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