Yesterday marked my first Opening Day at Citi Field and what a game it was!

Many of you participated in 'Where's Pinky' yesterday as I called into Dennis & Judi with clues and sent pictures over to the station from where I was. (Yes I realize that the pitcures weren't that descriptive, but we weren't pulling over down till we got there!)

I live just outside of Trenton with a few friends from high school and we left around 10am and headed up the turnpike with no traffic! Already the day was looking up, only until we hit the GWB with 25 minutes up-top and 40 downstairs; finally we crossed into Harlem and headed down the FDR Drive over the Triboro Bridge (RFK Bridge) onto the expressway into Queens.

It took forever to get into a parking lot and actually find a spot, but once we were in it was great. I made my final call-back to the show from inside Citi Field and headed up to 521 to enjoy the return of Santana.

I won't get into the play by play of the game (since it's old news by now) but I will say that Citi Field is sort of second home for me. I love seeing a game there and I've sat all over the place, I know Queens is a trip from Jersey and there is no easy way in. Either from Staten Island or Harlem but if your considering on taking a trip I highly suggest it.

Some personal advice for all of you, when you get onto Roosevelt Blvd. be sure to park on the opposite side of the street from the stadium, its the same price to park but its easier to get in and get out after the game. Also make sure to check out McFadden's before the game, but as an FYI if you leave the game through the bar you cant get back in, so make a choice! and on the last note: when tailgating, and I think that you will; make sure you put your beverages in a cup of some kind-red solos or anything like that, because you will get a ticket. And why make an expensive trip even more so?

Congratulations to Tracey who won 'Where's Pinky' and a big thank you to Double Down and Scott Taylor for all their hard work yesterday!

All in all enjoy yourselves this year everyone and check out some photos from some games I went to last year!

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