I never used to have a problem driving in the rain. And for the most part, I only hate it when I'm driving on a major roadway.

I found myself doing this last night. Driving on 295 in an absolute monsoon. Forget about the windshield wipers doing you any favors, it was one of those nights where you just need to drive slow and try your best to focus on the road.


It was so bad to the point where it was tough to tell if you were even in a lane or not. Forget being able to see the white lines, it almost felt like a free-for-all.

So naturally, when conditions are this bad I take it slow. I'm usually someone who drives over the speed limit, but last night I was going at least 10 miles per hour below.

Not everyone had that same idea though. I was watching people whizz past me in the left lane and all I could think to myself was, why?


In these kinds of conditions, it's so dangerous you can't tell if there is ponding on the roadways. Driving over the speed limit is just begging for your car to hydroplane. Yet people were doing it and potentially causing accidents.

Why is it so hard to take it slow? Is it really worth getting home five minutes earlier at the expense of possibly getting into an accident?

I know the usual gripe from people in bad weather conditions is, "Don't drive with your flashers on!"

And sure, that doesn't really do anything but distract people and create a glare in your windshield. But I'd rather that person than the speedster who makes it even more dangerous.

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