New Jersey has been in search of a slogan since "Come See For Yourself" was scrapped when they found out it was being used in West Virginia. Now it's looking like "Garden State" may get the nod. But is that really the best we can do?

I do a bit on New Jersey slogans in my comedy act and when I asked you for some ideas on social media, you came through big. Remember: "Not New York, Not Philadelphia" is already taken.

Here are some of your suggestions:

  • Scott Soffen — Tax for the memories
  • Jeff Amorosi — The state your in, because of the state your in.
  • Joanne Ginn Glassoff — Welcome to New Jersey... now get outta here!
  • Brian Startare — NJ! You can't afford it.
  • Annette Georgios — What s wrong with NJ....nuttin.'
  • Ken Dolan — Where everything is legal as long you don't get caught.
  • Sean Tobin — Are we there yet?
  • Paul Plumeri — Turn around.

Here are a few more:

Looking forward to seeing the bumperstickers and tee shirts.

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