With the world in which we now live, I first have to point out that in no way am I trying to pick on Muslims. It's sad that I even need to point this out. Not only am I not trying to pick on Muslims, I'm not even entirely sure that the language is Arabic, but it's my best guess.

I was at a drive thru picking up something for the kids when I noticed this car in front of me. The sticker on the back window and the sticker just above the Chevy symbol caught my eye.

Jeff Deminski photo

I want to know if anyone can tell me what these say. No, I'm not stirring the pot suggesting in any way that there's something wrong going on here! This could be the name of a school but in Arabic, or some other language. This could be the name of a favorite team. This could be practically anything, which is why it's driving me crazy.

First look at the longer word.

Jeff Deminski photo

Anybody have any ideas? C'mon Jersey, we're one huge melting pot with all different cultures. Someone has to be bilingual reading this who knows what language this is in and just what it says. Spill the beans, I need to know!

Next look at this shorter one. It appears to be the number 3 followed by some symbol, but again since I'm not even sure what language this is it could be almost anything.

Jeff Deminski photo

Derek Jeter's number was just retired yesterday. Is this an homage to some great Pakistani soccer player who's number 3 should be retired? Is this a political bumper sticker in Arabic saying Vote For Phil Murphy? Is it saying Free Weedman in some other language? Before I pull what's left of my hair out wondering about this, please let us know.

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