Here is note we received from a listener named Jim who is looking for some assistance in finding the people who are depicted in a photo that he took at a Beach Boys concert. Here's Jim's note below:

Does anyone know who this boy is or the man who playfully tossed him into the air at this free concert? Does anyone recognize yourself or anyone else in this photo? It still intrigues me almost 40 years later. I've personally referred to this photo as "Air Boy" for 37 years. It was taken on September 1, 1977 in Central Park, NYC at The Beach Boys concert. I took this shot by raising my arm high above the crowd and snapping the picture not knowing if I would capture the moment. It is one of my favorite photo's.


Here is the photo below.

Courtesy of Jim Ralph Listener

An email account has been created for any correspondence regarding this photo so please share and emails can be sent to: