April 26th, 1980 - Blondie is at No.1 with 'Call Me'. It would be the band's biggest selling single to date and was used in the Richard Gere flick 'American Gigolo'. Originally, Stevie Nicks was asked to compose and perform a song for the movie, but when she backed out, the director chose the Blondie hit.

April 27th, 1990 – It was the first day of David Bowie's American dates on the Sound & Vision Tour. Bowie says he will play his old material for one last time and then retire them. This lasts until 2002 when he starts playing his most popular songs again stating that his best work is probably behind him.

April 28th, 1999 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Having many hits through the years and solidifying a style now synonymous with classic rock, they become a part of Americana.

April 29th, 1987 - A Bon Jovi concert conflicts with the graduation ceremony of South Beloit High School in Illinois. School officials change the graduation time to accommodate the students. The majority of the graduates were planning on seeing Bon Jovi instead of participating in the graduation ceremony.

April 30th, 1976 - Keith Moon, drummer of The Who pays nine cab drivers to block-off a street in NYC so he could throw the contents of his hotel room out of the window.

May 1st, 1967 - Beach Boy, Carl Wilson is arrested by the F.B.I. on charges of avoiding the military draft and refusing to take an oath of allegiance. He would later be released and would join the rest of the band in Ireland for a British tour.

May 2nd, 1972 - Bruce Springsteen auditions for CBS Records in New York. Springsteen played a short set in the office of A&R representative John Hammond. Hammond was so impressed that he set up a further audition for that night at the Gaslight Club in New York for other Columbia executives. It went well and Bruce was signed.

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