Although New Jersey has birds residing within our borders all year long, there's just something about the summer season that invites so many more to the Garden State. And sometimes, those particular species of birds will make a rare appearance.

And that would be the case with New Jersey's hummingbirds. Although I haven't had any luck yet with capturing a photo of them myself, I have been seeing them with my own eyes recently.

I'm also not the only one who's been fortunate enough to see them this year. One of my family members, for example, also spotted them around their yard.

This is the first year I can recall seeing them around my house. We've been working hard on trying to grow flowers that hummingbirds are attracted to. If this is any indicator, I'm hoping soon to be able to get a photo of one myself (which I will include here if I'm able to capture one).

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

We also have a special type of bird feeder near the flowers that's specific for hummingbirds. But even with that, you have to be in place at just the right time as their visits tend to be very brief.

For those who use bird feeders, just make sure you clean them regularly. As long as you do that, hummingbirds will keep returning for a quick sip. Of course, nothing beats a natural landscape.

What's great about New Jersey is that hummingbirds aren't the only type of bird you'll see flying around this time of year. As mentioned above, the summer season invites many species of birds to reside throughout the Garden State.


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Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Hummingbird (Mainly seasonal)

Most hummingbirds in New Jersey aren't year-round residents, but it doesn't mean you won't spot one during the colder months.

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird, for example, is the one species of hummingbird you may see outside the summer season. Click here to learn more about the different species of hummingbirds that can be found throughout New Jersey.

Some of New Jersey's Native Plants

New Jersey has more than 2,000 native plants in the state. But 350 of them are in a searchable database at Here are some native plants you can find in the Garden State, some perfect for hummingbirds and butterflies and others for yard beauty.

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