The handshake. This used to be the customary way we would introduce ourselves to one another. But ever since the pandemic arrived in March 2020, it just seems out of place. As a matter of fact, nobody really seems to know what to do anymore.

I remember when we started holding back, and it just felt strange. It's almost as if you're being rude if you don't shake someone's hand, but not being courteous if you try to because of the fear we live in today.

Something I've noticed that seems to be replacing the handshake is the fist bump. Although it's not quite the same, it at least helps break that awkwardness of not knowing what to do.

This situation most recently came up for me earlier this week. An insurance adjuster came to my house to look for damage from a tree that had fallen on my roof. He was very friendly and professional from start to finish, but the greeting was awkward.

When he arrived, he kept a bit of a distance with his hands in his pockets. I completely understood that, as I never know what to do anymore either. At the end, however, he extended his arm out for a fist bump, and I gladly did the same back.

My point, however, is this. Even though the fist bump is an acceptable alternative (at least in my opinion), I can't help but feel the need to shake someone's hand. We were taught that way for such a long time now that it feels like we're abandoning what's right.

So I ask you, does not being able to shake someone's hand feel wrong to you? And if you had to choose, would a fist pump be an acceptable alternative to a handshake in NJ?

Take the polls below and let your voice be heard.

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