A board of education candidate named Tom Zobele lost his bid in Hillborough Tuesday night by 96 votes. His margin of defeat or his qualifications to be on the board are not this issue here, but rather this speech during his campaign last month. He rather absurdly and inarticulately pointed to signs in the school that read "Hate Has No Home Here".

His protest was that it was an overtly political sign and has no place in a public school, which of course made him look foolish and insane. The well dressed, professional looking people on the panel looked on in amazement at how such an idiot could protest a sign against hate, making him seem all the more idiotic.

He was trying to point out that the signs and the organization came into being as a subtle protest following the 2016 election of Donald Trump as President. The fact that he would choose to interject that into a school board election is ill advised and stupid. However he is correct about it being political.

The message certainly should be welcome everywhere in the world. I see a handful of signs around my neighborhood and I understand the virtue signaling, resentful people who have them on their lawns. They're people so shocked and devastated by what happened two years ago, that they have to subtly, quietly, smilingly give the finger to anyone who dared vote for that hateful, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, repugnant fool YOU voted in as President. You couldn't have voted the opposite of my superior intellect and opinion for such a miscreant and actually won, they feel.

So the superior way to show their utter disgust for their neighbors who might be delighting in your victory is to show, ever so cleverly and kindly, how much better they are than you, even though your side won. There's a lot more hate in that house than they're letting on. They hate the President. They hate anyone who voted for him and anyone who disagrees with them.The signs should read "Hate Is At Home Here".

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