Entering the century mark, it's still the cookie icon.  I've put together some fun tidbits (not to be confused with "Cheese Tidbits") about this chocolaty snack.

birthday oreo

Yes, the Oreo cookie will officially turn 100 years old on March 6th.  To mark the occasion, Nabisco, the makers of Oreo, have rolled out a limited edition called "Birthday Cake Oreos."  They're the same as the regular cookie except the filling has rainbow sprinkles laced in.  Every year Americans spend 550 million dollars on the sweet snack.  Around the world, every year, people spend an astounding 1.5 billion dollars on Oreos!  Almost 400 billion have been consumed since 1912.  I'm sure you know, there are several variations such as double stuff, vanilla cookie, and fudge covered.  There are other types of Oreos manufactured that are not sold in the U.S.  In China, there's the green tea ice cream flavor.  I'll pass on that one.  Some other varieties sound pretty good.  In Argentina they sell the Oreo Duo that's banana flavored.  And, in Indonesia people scoff up Oreo Double Delights with chocolate and peanut.  I researched the top five selling cookies.  Here they are: 1. Oreo (original)  2. Chips Ahoy  3. Oreo Double Stuff  4.  Pepperidge Farm Milano  5. store brand chocolate chip. There are several other's that follow close behind including Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream, and Nabisco Vanilla Wafers. Remember Hydrox?  In my opinion, they were as good, if not better than Oreos.  Hydrox is still around, but very hard to find.  So now is the perfect time to celebrate.  Forget the champagne.  Pour a nice cold glass of milk.  Then it's up to you.  Do you tear the Oreo apart and eat the cream first?  Dunk it in the milk, or just bite into the whole cookie?  Whatever you do, enjoy!  And guess what?  We don't have to send a birthday card.  What's your favorite cookie?  We'd love to know.  Please leave your comments below!