Remember when the Grammy Awards would use their artists to get people to watch the show? This year, for whatever reason, they went political with Hillary Clinton among those reading from the anti-Trump book "Fire And Fury,: and the ratings dropped more than 20 percent from last year's key 18-49 adult demo. Imagine how they would have dropped if she read from her own book? Maybe she should sing instead? Also not amused was United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley who tweeted

She's absolutely right. People don't tune into the Grammys (or any awards show) to hear Trump bashing. That's the job of late night talk show hosts whose monologues have become "One Trump Pony's" with each doing a series on anti-Trump jokes many times repeating each other's material.

The Grammys should be a celebration of the past year's music. If anything it should be an escape from politics. But today nothing is an escape from politics, rather nothing is an escape from certain powerful peoples' hatred for President Trump. It's driving them to the point where they will destroy the ratings on their own shows just to get it out.

Maybe the Grammys could learn from those ratings and go back to focusing on the music that brought them to the dance in the first place. Who knows, with any kind of luck maybe the late night hosts will follow? Then the monologues will become funny again. Better yet, maybe give Hillary her own late night show.

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