If you or your children are struggling with student loans, you better sit down: Governor Murphy’s latest socialist plot involves giving student loan forgiveness — up to $8,000 —to STEM grads who remain in NJ to work in their field.

Where do you think the money will come from? The big money tree behind the Statehouse? Nope. It’ll be from YOU.

The bill's co-sponsor is Sen. Paul Sarlo from Bergen, chairman of the Senate Budget committee. According to Sarlo: “The question is not: How much is this going to cost us?”

Well, actually, Paul, that is EXACTLY the question.

He maintains: “The question should be: How much are we going to generate from these dynamic young researchers, dynamic young engineers, dynamic young programmers, by keeping them here in the state of New Jersey?”

That’s lovely, Paul. Let them or their parents pay for it.

Then there’s the NJ Career Accelerator Internship Program, which would reimburse employers for up to 50 percent of wages paid to new interns enrolled in New Jersey high schools, colleges or universities, up to $1,500 per student. There is currently an internship grant program costing $1.5 million, so this triples the program with a STEM focus at a cost of $3 million. TRIPLES. That’s triple the pleasure if your kid is one of the lucky few, triple the amount that they will inevitably suck out of the taxpayer.

The hits just keep on coming from Murphy and his buddies and their dumb ideas. So it’s lovely that they want to keep those smart, tech-savvy kids here in NJ. Unfortunately, they’ll be the only ones left.

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