Governor Murphy let loose some of his intense bias against anyone who doesn't fit into his mold of "woke" politics the other night. In decrying violence against certain groups, he described the uptick as "the rise in right-wing behavior." Thankfully and fortunately his comments were met with push back and boos from the crowd at a town hall meeting in North Brunswick. His comments came in response to a question about security at synagogues and other larges gatherings.

He is so out of touch with the average hard working New Jerseyan, that anyone who isn't on board with his radical, social, and fiscal madness, must be a right-wing extremist. Were the two people who committed the anti-Semitic murderous attack in Jersey City in December right-wing? Hardly. How about the shooting of Republican House members a couple of years ago in DC, was that a "right-wing" attack? Is Antifa who engages in violent anti-social protests routinely, right-wing? Compare their behavior to the Tea Party and you'll see a huge difference, even though the media tried it's best to vilify the Tea Party at every turn. The overwhelming amount of violence and suppression of free expression on college campuses and public forums has come from the hard left.

Describing any kind of hatred against any group as "right-wing" is a typical tactic of haters like Murphy. People on the right think people on the other side are wrong and people like Murphy think people on the other side are evil. It's an insidious prejudice and hatred that can't be clearly defined by race, religion or culture but ideas. Anyone whose ideas are different from his deserve nothing but contempt demonization in his mind. Don't let the toothy smile, the polished demeanor and the "I care about everybody" rhetoric fool you. There are some people he clearly detests, like me!

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