In another move to turn this state into a mini Bastion of socialist values, Governor Murphy is trying like crazy to keep everyone healthy and safe at your expense. Even though the Trump administration is fighting as hard as it can against the oppressive Obamacare mandate, Phil Murphy is doing everything in his power to save it, as well as all of the odious aspects of Obamacare. Murphy and crew will not be happy until New Jersey and the country have traditional socialized medicine. New Jersey lawmakers sent him a bill that will require nearly all New Jerseyans to have health insurance or pay a penalty.

They approved another bill that would set up a “reinsurance“ plan that would be paid partly by the federal government and cover some of the most expensive health care claims. The bill headed to Murphy would penalize consumers who purchase a plan that doesn't include comprehensive benefits. Because, of course, New Jersey requires the most comprehensive benefits to everyone whether they can afford insurance or not. Because everyone’s good health is apparently your problem.

The reinsurance bill would create a program to pay for high-cost patients. It would be funded by both the federal government and insurance companies. And the money would be kept in a newly created fund at the Treasury Department.

So, if it seemed like you were about to get some relief in the skyrocketing cost of your health insurance, think again. Murphy and his ilk in the state legislature see it another way.”Health insurance works when everyone is in,” state Sen. Joseph Vitale, D-Middlesex, and one of the bill’s sponsors, says. Actually, Senator Vitale, health insurance works when the people who can’t afford it buy it, and the people who can’t don’t. That’s the way it worked before the government got involved.

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