When it comes to the coronavirus there are so few freedoms we have left. Every minute of every day is governed by one rule or another, it seems. You get up in the morning and it’s your kids ... and school. You want to just go buy food for your house and it smacks you in the face.

We never escape the coronavirus “rules and regs.” But please, please you’ve GOT to leave my home and my family ALONE. When they start giving recommendations about how to celebrate Thanksgiving, it starts to get really scary — and stupid. Because everyone is going to do whatever they want for Thanksgiving despite what the governor says. The governor and his crew made recommendations yesterday about travel for Thanksgiving and about large gatherings for Thanksgiving.

Dude, that’s my HOUSE. This is THANKSGIVING. My family is BIG. And they’re all going to be here having turkey. Are you going to knock on my door and check?

“And whether it is Thanksgiving, or a family birthday, or ... a baby shower, we urge you to not gather around the dining room table with anyone outside your immediate household,” says the almighty governor. Is this guy related to anyone? Or is he so out of touch because anyone he MAY be related to is back in whatever godforsaken New England state he comes from?

We all know the rules. We all know the recommendations. They’ve been shoved down our throats ad nauseam. At this point, we’ve all made decisions as to how we feel like handling this. You cannot legislate and mandate every single thing, Gov. Murphy, as much as you would love to. This is New Jersey. There’s no way people are not going to be with their families. I don’t care how hard you try stop it.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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