What's gonna be in your super-spread of food for your guests at this year's "super-spreader" Thanksgiving?

For the Spadea family, after a number of great gatherings with friends and family over the past few weeks, we'll be traveling to one (or more) of the banned states, according to the absurd directives from the governor. We're certainly not going to let fear-mongering and a government power grab interrupt a great American tradition. I've already ordered two fresh turkeys, which will be brining in the fridge starting Tuesday when they get delivered from my good friends at Just Farmed in Westfield.

I really love the dark meat, hence the two birds. Two birds ensures that I can set aside a leg and wing for myself without depriving anyone else in the family their fair share. Outside the turkey, I get bored with mashed potatoes, but love sausage stuffing.

After the holiday I'll be happy to share some of the recipes that we've enjoyed for years in our family — as long as you're willing to share a few recipe secrets with me! Apparently I'm not alone in New Jersey as our state, New York and Pennsylvania all gave stuffing the top score for Thanksgiving sides. Here's a list of how the rest of America rated Thanksgiving sides. The surprise? Indiana giving us the surprise of the list with deviled eggs topping the list!

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