If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, federal health officials say you should make it BYT: Bring Your Own Turkey.

The new guidelines from the CDC. suggest you and all invited guests should quarantine for 14 days before dinner. Dinner should be held outside. They suggest everyone wear a mask and maintain six feet of space between other guests. The new guidance also suggests everyone bring their own food a drink.

Gov. Phil Murphy did not mention Thanksgiving specifically, but did say he had concerns about the upcoming holiday season. He urged New Jersey residents to cancel ALL indoor gatherings. Indoor gatherings, house parties and other group activities have been blamed for a large part of the new surge of COVID-19 cases.

New restrictions on bars and restaurants go into effect Thursday, despite not a single outbreak being traced to indoor dining. No indoor service is permitted after 10 p.m. Seating at a bar is banned at all times.

Murphy also held out the possibility for even more restrictions, as he reported the highest number of new COVID cases since mid-April. Weekly cases are now topping 2,300. In October, that number was less than 600.

Other Top NJ News for 11/11:

  • Record warm weather ends, and here comes record breaking rain.
  • Nearly every state in the U.S. is now on New Jersey's travel advisory list. Only Hawaii and Vermont are not.
  • With more MVC workers testing positive for coronavirus, more facilities have been closed. Bayonne, Cherry Hill, and Eatontown are the latest.
  • New Jersey's top infectious disease expert warns not to get too excited about reports a Pfizer COVID vaccine could be 90% effective.
  • The state health commissioner expects it will be at least a year before COVID restrictions are relaxed.
  • Over 350,000 ring video doorbells (2nd generation) were recalled after the battery overheated in dozens of units.
  • As we mark Veterans Day, we are seeing an alarming number of homeless women veterans. Here's how to help.

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