As Bridgegate continues to loom over a possible Governor Christie presidential run in 2016, speculation is mounting that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) may enter the fray.

Governor Christie talks to Eric Scott during the May 'Ask the Governor' program. (Photo by Annette Petriccione)
Governor Christie talks to Eric Scott during the May 'Ask the Governor' program. (Photo by Annette Petriccione)

While Bush has not officially announced his candidacy, many political experts believe he is seriously considering a run, which could force a decision from potential New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) donors.

In fact, a recent New York Times report indicated that many top Republican donors would have allegiance to Jeb Bush if he entered the race, not Christie. Some admitted that until the Bush flirtation began, they had simply been hoping Christie could weather the Bridgegate storm.

On Tuesday night's 'Ask the Governor,' host Eric Scott brought a potential Jeb Bush 2016 candidacy up to Christie.

"I take Jeb at his word, which is he hasn't made a decision about what he wants to do, and that it's an intensely personal decision," Christie said. "I agree with that...He said he has to determine whether he has the fire in his belly to do this."

Scott then asked Christie if it would be fun or stressful if Bush and he both ran, given his closeness to the family.

"It'd be stressful because I consider Jeb a friend," Christie explained. "And he's been a wonderful friend to me, especially during Sandy and the aftermath...You like to run against people that you don't like, not run against people that you do like and respect."

Adding to the potential showdown is a Washington Post/ABC News poll, which ranks Bush at the top of possible Republican candidates with 14 percent of support, while Christie was at 10 percent.

Bush also has garnered the early support of some heavyweight conservatives, including a Christie-backer, Rudy Giuliani.

"He would make a heck of a leader," Giuliani said. "Let's hope we get a chance to find out."

That praise came this week at the Manhattan Institute's annual dinner, hosted by by donor Paul Singer. There, Bush hit on the hot-button issues of immigration reform and public education.

He also touted Florida's triple-A credit rating under his watch. Though Bush did not bring New Jersey up, the finances are a far cry from the Garden State, which was recently hit with a fifth credit downgrade under Governor Christie.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) admitted he has "nudged" Bush to take a stab at the republican nomination.

"Jeb Bush is my friend. I think he'd make a great president. I've nudged him for some time," Boehner said.

On 'Ask the Governor,' Christie maintained his stance to not commit to the 2016 race one way or the other, but said the time to make a decision is drawing closer.

"In the end, everybody is going to make their own decisions, myself included, about what they think is best for them, and what they think is best for our party, and what we think is best for the country. I firmly believe that none of the decisions are going to be made until after the mid-term elections anyways."

Watch Governor Christie's comments below:

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