Truth be told, I remember coming home one night late from work, and putting on the VHS of “Goodfellas.”

I got depressed.

And I remember my sister telling me, “wasn’t that great?”

Yeah, it was great all right…but all too real.

Growing up in Gravesend, Brooklyn, guys like that were a dime a dozen! Guys like Henry, Tommy, Paulie…et al.

So it comes as no shock to hear that the real Henry Hill died at the age of 69!
Someone who admired “the life”.

And to this day, it still befuddles me how many people still admire “the life”.
If those are not admiring the life, they are still fascinated by it.

That’s why Hollywood gives us, or at least, has given us a healthy dose of it.

Much to the chagrin of Italian-American organizations that bemoan how the movies have besmirched the images of hard working Italian-Americans.

However, I can’t help but be drawn to scenes like this one from Goodfellas:

They are eerily too reminiscent of the “dildo” factor that surrounded us.

And that's what made it great!

That it was all too real.

Scorsese, coming from Elizabeth St. in Little Italy, I’m sure, knew plenty of guys like Tommy and Henry…and had the vision to know how to capture them on film.

Compare that to this scene from Francis Ford Coppola’s epic “The Godfather”.
I love this scene too.

Perhaps it signaled the downfall of the “mob” in that drugs were now to be its main source of commerce.

Now guys would readily be “giving each other up”.

Also, it painted the mob as having something of a classy veneer, which we all know wasn’t the case.

But a great scene nonetheless!

So as much as we say we deplore “the life”, we’re still captivated by the movie genre and scenes therein.

The ones that come to mind that rate as my favorites, besides the aforementioned listed above:

Donnie Brasco: fugettiboutit!

A Bronx Tale: too many to name, but if there’s one that stands out, it’s the “wasted talent” speech Lorenzo gives young C when they park the bus at Orchard Beach.

Goodfellas: besides the aforementioned, the dinner scene with one dog looking one way and the other looking the other way, and the guy in the rowboat thinking, “whattya want from me?”

How about your favorites. What are some of your favorite mobster movie lines? Share your favorites in the comment section below.

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