TV clown Chris Cuomo is often referred to as "Fredo" by conservatives that don't appreciate his phony, disingenuous style on CNN. Well someone addressed him as "Fredo" at an event in New York on Sunday and he went ballistic. He threatened to hurt the guy multiple times. He's also caught on this tape using language his (11) viewers are not used to hearing him say on CNN.

The term comes from the movie "The Godfather", where the obviously weaker, dumber brother Fredo betrays and embarrasses the Corleone family. Since his father was an iconic political figure and his older brother is the Governor of New York, some people like to refer to the clownish faux anchor as Fredo. Ironically, Cuomo once referred to himself as "Fredo" in a radio interview.

In his profanity filled tirade, he claims the term "Fredo" is an insult to Italians and equivalent to the "N-word" is to African Americans. Nonsense!!! I am of Sicilian/Italian decent on both sides and of all the Italian slurs that I laugh at, Fredo has NEVER been one of them. George Bush the younger, and Donald Trump Jr. were called Fredo and so have many other non-Italian members of prominent families that don't measure up to their siblings achievements. Since Italian is the largest ethnic group in New Jersey (Hispanic makes up a variety of ethnicities but not a specific nationality), we'd like to ask YOU if "Fredo" is a slur against Italians.

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