It is a sad, sad time for family, friends, and the whole community of people who have shown such love for 7-year-old "Jake the Tank."

It broke my heart Sunday morning to receive a message from Mike Honig, Jake's dad, saying his precious little boy had passed away in his sleep after battling cancer since the age of 2.

For Mike, Janet (Jake's mom), and Gianna (Jake's 6-year old sister), I am offering up prayers for you to be surrounded by love through the heartbreak and devastation of such an unfair loss.

As a mom, I honestly don't know how any parent can get through something like this except through the faith that God and Heaven do exist.

If there is a silver lining, it might just be that Jake was a hero right up until he left. Because of the way he fought his battle, and because he is so well-loved by so many, the story 94.3 The Point published last week on behalf of Jake and his family made it to the governor, who called Mike and expressed support and interest in trying to help other children suffering with medical problems.

Jake's family has asked that medical marijuana patients be allowed easier access to the drug. Because of the use of cannabis oil, Jake's parents had been able to eliminate six of the pharmaceuticals that Jake was taking 3 times a day. All of those drugs were really taking a toll on Jake, whereas family members say medical marijuana had been the best way to keep Jake's symptoms under control without having to force pills down his throat.

The Honig family is asking you to write to the governor and ask for two things:

1. Increase the allowable amount of medical marijuana to over 2 onces per month, since that isn't nearly enough to cover a full 30 days of what a child like Jake needs.

2. Let the dispensaries produce the oils to sell to these patients so that they don't have to take home a flower and learn how to cook and extract on their own.

To contact the governor's office on behalf of the Honig family, please CLICK HERE. You can also Tweet @GovMurphy.

I am hoping that when they feel able to, Mike, Janet, and Gianna will share with us their own tribute to Jake so that we can share it with all of you and memorialize Jake the way his family would want him to be remembered.

This beautiful family has had such an impact on all of us and has shown what unconditional love and a willingness to share Jake with the world can do to spread love so far and wide. The Honig family has shown me just how supportive and generous people really are. I believe that everyone who was involved in Jake's story would have done even more if it meant being able to keep this beautiful boy here on planet Earth even longer.

Liz Jerssei hosts the morning show at 94.3 The Point, New Jersey 101.5's sister station. 

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