Under the category of "you really can't make it up", Dan Alexander wrote about a man who stopped to help at an accident scene and then had his car stolen. The real twist in the story is it was the drivers of the flipped-over car. Yes, the accident "victims" who got out and drove off with the Good Samaritan car.

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Interstate 195 sign
Interstate 195 sign (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media/Canva)

I asked the question on the air whether this incident would change your mind if you were the guy who stopped to help. Most callers told me that they would continue to stop and help, but some are hesitant now.

One caller, "Joe," said he was a police officer and had direct knowledge of the incident and the ongoing investigation. He confirmed that the people who flipped the first car had stolen it and then they made off with the good Samaritan's car.

The conversation turned toward the rise in crime across New Jersey having to do with our weak public policy when it comes to criminals. Specifically, the points system in the "bail-reform" program has created a "revolving door" for perpetrators.

Cops from across New Jersey have told me on air and privately that many of the criminals are released before the officers have completed the initial police reports. There is no doubt that our communities have been made less safe due to the flood of illegals from Biden's "Ghost Flights", which has been a problem for several years now, and Governor Murphy's 2018 Executive Order making NJ a "sanctuary state" for criminal aliens.

(Canva/Townsquare Media illustration)
(Canva/Townsquare Media illustration)

Ending the "sanctuary", enforcing federal detainer orders, ending bail reform, empowering police to arrest perps, and cracking down on minors who commit crimes, will all go a long way to lowering crime and making our communities safer again.

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